Sound Design Accidents: Interior Train

So today at work I was designing some ambiences and I ended up making a layer that reminded me of interior train – which btw didn’t fit at all with my goal.

The process was very simple: I started off with the sound of a fan of some kind, pitch shifted, time stretched and run through a reverb.  So I took notice and, once back home, I decided to get a bit deeper into it and see if I could design a convincing train interior ambience using (almost) solely fan sounds.

The result is here. The only additional layers I added are metal creaks and some voices to give more presence to the whole scene.

The clip has 4 parts, 2 of which are real recordings of interior trains I made and put here for reference:

  1. First sound accident that inspired this post;
  2. Original recording of an East Coast train interior I made years ago – recorded through a camera mic (not the best quality in the world);
  3. Original recording of an Italian train interior – recoded with a Zoom H2 in between carriages;
  4. My designed interior train – the core sounds are made only with fan noises, plus I added some other original recordings of isolated train creaks and some wallas just to add more realism.

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